I live in sunny Portland, Oregon. I love a beautiful woman. I enjoy five hour conversations over happy hours and tater tots. I don’t spend enough time in nature. I look like this. I take photographs. I’m a community manager.


I take photographs under Photography, My Love. I started Photography, My Love to fall back in love with photography after burning out from doing it professionally a few years back. It's worked wonderfully.


I work for an art company out of Los Angeles with intelligent people. Before that, I helped artists make a living doing what they love at Big Cartel. 

Time permitting, I take on the occasional freelance project. I love physical projects; print, products, writing. Get in touch?


— A book
— A semi-frequent publication
A 365 Photo Project
— A mystery
Mailing you a postcard
— Website for Peter Levin
— Website for Noah Wallace


— A collaborative zine; named Fucking About
— A film photography project; tentatively named 520
— An occasional conversation website
— A creative collective
— A photography short story book
— A gallery show
— A small publishing house
— A monthly cocktail night
— A beginner's guide to cocktails


For Yourself, a photography project about what people do for themselves
— Website for David McMillan, illustrator extraordinaire 
Winter Morning, a photography zine
Product Photography Guide
— West, a photography book (out of print)
Cross Country, a photography short story book with Rick Copper


Tiny Pictures
Electronic Mail